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Planted Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

Updated: Mar 14

The cutest Fall decor - made easy! You’ve probably seen pumpkins with succulent arrangements all over Pinterest and Instagram this year. They are easier to make than you may think, so If you’re ready to get crafty and a little dirty… follow along with this DIY tutorial!

First, start by choosing a shallow pot that will fit snugly in your pumpkin of choice. Succulents have shallow root systems so go ahead and fill that pot with well draining soil. You only need to leave a little bit of space for your succulents. We picked three large succulents to get started. Gently press these delicate cuties into the soil, being careful not to damage the plant. These three succulents will be the main focus of the design so vary the colors and textures for best visual results.

Next, pick out smaller accent succulents &

arrange these smaller plants around and in between the larger succulents. Add in soil as you go to stabilize the plants! For this project, less is NOT more! You want to squeeze as many of these into the soil as possible! This will help keep everything together and will give you the best look possible - we used over 10 different succulents in this design! If you’re making a huge mess, you’re not alone. Once all your plants are placed, pack in soil around the edge and grab your pumpkin!

Measure your pot, mark the necessary size on your pumpkin and get to carving. It’s better to start too small and carve more as you go - you can’t reattach the pumpkin! Once the opening is the correct size, just scoop out the inside and place your pot. We finished ours off with seasonal hay, but moss works just as well!

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