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Cultivated Containers

A Fresh Approach to Container Gardening

Cultivated Containers, a seasonal container gardening subscription service that brings the joy of gardening right to your doorstep. With Cultivated Containers, plant lovers can now enjoy the beauty and benefits of seasonal plants without the stress of designing, sourcing, and planting their own containers.


By subscribing to Cultivated Containers customers are signing up for a convenient and hassle free way to enhance your space. Each season (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter) subscribers will receive a thoughtfully designed arrangement in a compostable pot, filled with a rotating selection of plants and blooms, ready to be planted in your container. Each arrangement is meticulously crafted by the team at Meeting Green. The arrangements will thrive in your space, ensuring that your container is bursting with life and color each season. 


How it works

Step 1: Select your size container

Step 2: Select your planter aesthetic

Step 3: Select your lighting

From there, Meeting Green will deliver a ready-to-pot arrangement in a compostable pot perfect for your front door, a cozy patio, or a welcoming screen porch each season!

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