Meeting Green - Commercial Interiorscape

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Meeting Green - Commercial Interiorscape

Located in the heart of downtown, Meeting Green is a retail garden center and plantscaping firm serving residential and commercial clients in Downtown Charleston and surrounding areas.

Blending the imaginative and creative with the practical and sustainable, Meeting Green creates distinct landscapes and urban gardens that address your unique microclimate and are designed to survive and thrive in our unique and evolving climate. 

Meeting Green - Retail & Garden Center
Meeting Green - Retail & Garden Center
Meeting Green - Container Garden Consultation

With the best ideas blooming right at our retail garden center, let us help you start small with a container garden or two...three...four….


From helping you choose the plant-babies best suited to survive and thrive to selecting and installing your gorgeous container garden(s), we’re here to help you find and celebrate your green thumb.


Backyard tropical paradise, Asian Zen Garden, or Modern Retreat - now that the seed is planted, let’s make something of your vision. 


We specialize in design-focused, environmentally-aware selection and sourcing of plant material to thrive in our unique climate. From plant selection and hardscape design to pottery selection and furniture layout we can draw on your inspiration to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.


Starting with an onsite consultation, we’ll help you with comprehensive master drawings, detailed execution plans, practical recommendations and a realistic budget to maximize the potential of your space inside and out.


Opt for a DIY plan or installation, or partner with our landscape team for a complete renovation; we are here to help you achieve the exterior goals for your home and business.

Meeting Green - Exterior Design
Meeting Green - Residential & Commercial Landscape Design
Meeting Green - Residential & Commercial Landscape Design

Let’s take this outside! Armed with a detail-oriented team, it’s time to move dirt and, best believe, we’re born bulldozers. 


Whether you are looking to enhance a corner of your yard, restore your yard to its formal glory, or start-over from scratch; we are here to help you achieve your vision. 


From planting, clearing and grading to irrigation, masonry and carpentry; our dedicated team is here to help make your yard dreams a reality.


We will walk you from selections and sourcing to interiorscape, landscape + hardscape installations covering all the delightful details in-between. 


Will that corner get enough light for a finicky Fiddle Leaf Fig? What will flourish in your humid bathroom? Is it human and furchild safe? Where should you start on creating your indoor oasis? 


We’re here for you! With a design-centric and practical approach, we’ll walk through your home and help you understand and select the right plant-babies for your vibe and lifestyle. 

Meeting Green - Residential & Commercial Interiorscape Design
Meeting Green - Commercial Interiorscape Design & Maintenance

From dramatic draping foliage to fun and quirky cacti, plants are a whole mood and can work wonders when it comes to creating the desired ambiance and customer experience for your business. 


Starting with design, we will help you select and source options to set the tone for your space.


Once installed, we can also support your gorgeous new interiorscape with ongoing maintenance.