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Long lasting gifts for V-day = Long lasting love!

February is officially here and before you know it… it’ll be Valentine’s Day! Don’t get caught on February 13th with no gift and no plan! Whether you're shopping for the gals, your partner, or family we have the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life. If you can’t make it to the shop, don’t stress because you can shop online! Check out our curated VDAY collection below and get shopping!

Dried Arrangements: because who wants to watch flowers die during the season of love? Grab a premade bundle in a reusable vase for a gift that’s thoughtful and practical. 

Peperomia Hope in Boob Pot: a cute peperomia is made even cuter in this triangles and tatas planter! 

Philodendron Summer Glory in Blush Pot: sweet and simple! The pastel colors and easy to care for plant make the perfect gift.

Heart Fern in White Pot: what’s better than heart shaped leaves for Valentine’s Day? Green, glossy, and a great option for low light areas!

Calathea-Fusion White in Heart Pot: a funky pot and a beautiful, showy plant for your drama queen or king!

Nephthytis-Milk Confetti in Translucent Pink Pot: these soft green leaves speckled with light pink confetti are unique, just like your love!

Philodendron 'Cordatum' in Red Pot: create long lasting love with a bold red pot and an easy going philodendron! 

Nephthytis-Red Arrow in Checkerboard Pot: a trendy pot with a sneaky pop of pink underneath the beautiful leaves!

Aglaonema in Red Pot: bright and bold colors for a loud statement full of love!

Ficus Triangularis in Colorful Footed Pot: this funky ficus and it’s colorful pot make the perfect pair.  

Variegated Hoya Kerrii in White Pot: you can never go wrong with a classic heart shaped hoya kerrii for your plant lover! 

Shop online or come in and get lost in the greenhouse to find the perfect gift for your loved one before the big day! 

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