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First to bloom: Bulbs!

Flowering bulbs are some of the first blooms you’ll see in your garden each year, so let’s talk about them! At Meeting Green, we don’t currently sell individual bulbs, however, we are fully stocked with pots of already planted and sprouted bulbs for your garden. 


Have you ever seen a more interesting flower? These blooms boast bold colors and fragrant flowers and will make a great addition to your Spring garden. Hyacinth prefers dry soil between waterings and thrives in part to full sun. Each bulb typically only blooms once, so snag yours soon! 


Who doesn’t love tulips? With blue-green leaves and bright,

cup shaped flowers these blooms are iconic! Give these flowers full sun (at least 6 hours a day) and ensure they are draining properly between waterings. Gardeners in Charleston often treat tulips as an annual and replace them after the Spring blooming season is over. Cherish these beauties while they last!


These classic yellow blooms induce visions of Springtime and new beginnings! Daffodils thrive in full sun and need water when they are blooming, but tolerate drought in other seasons! They do not want to be sitting in wet, soggy soil. While planting, keep in mind that these flowers follow the sun! 

Skip right to blooms and come into Meeting Green to add some color to your garden after our the dreary winter!

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