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Create a Tropical Outdoor Patio this Summer

Happy June! The weather is warming up and the nights are getting longer! If you’re anything like us, your time spent outdoors these days involves a cold drink, lounge chairs, and a bit of shade. The Charleston heat is already brutal! We are firm believers that everyone needs a private, tropical oasis in your space to unwind and relax this season. Today, we are going to look at some tropical paradise inspiration and talk about ways you can incorporate the essential elements into your backyard.

Twelve large terracotta pots with lush palms and tropical plants on a bluestone patio.

First up, let’s talk about the setting. Your tropical paradise can exist anywhere, but here are some things to consider when picking the perfect spot for your jungle. You want this to be a private area, easily accessible while still secluded. In the photo to the left, you see a corner of this backyard defined by a bluestone patio set behind a knee wall and large trees just out of frame. This open corner needed to serve a functional purpose and be attractive from a distance. A space like this is perfect for your own tropical oasis! Keep in mind, you also need enough room to accommodate your comfy outdoor furniture! 

Next, we’ll break down the elements of this tropical patio. We choose to utilize all terracotta pots for the space to create harmony and cohesiveness in the design. While you don’t have to choose matching pots, we recommend limiting your pot choices to a few complimentary colors to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. While all the pots are terracotta, we did vary the shape and size of each pot to keep the design interesting and dynamic. The use of round and square pots in various sizes adds depth and height to the space. It’s all about finding the perfect balance! 

A woman in an orange dress holding a sparkling drink, admiring a palm.

Now let's talk about plants! This design features a wide range of tropicals, in fact, there is a different plant in each pot! The main factor to consider when choosing tropical plants is whether or not they are cold hardy in your area. Many tropical species are not quite hardy enough for our occasional winter freeze in Charleston. However, that does not mean you can’t cultivate a tropical paradise! Some cold hardy tropicals seen in these photos and available in the shop include the: Chinese fan palm, queen palm, lady palm, windmill palm, mule palm and date palm. Other less hardy plants that function as wonderful house plants during the colder months include: majesty palms, various ferns, bamboo palms, ficus varieties, and the adonis palm. If we have a mild winter and you are diligent about protecting your plants, you may be able to leave these plants outdoors year around! Make sure you’re doing your research for a successful winter season with tropicals. 

Finally, the accessories! We are obsessed with these new white, geometric plant stands (or side tables!) in the shop. Stick to neutral shades for a clean look or opt for a bright blue or orange to increase the tropical vibes. This silver galvanized watering can is aesthetic and functional, remember, your tropical paradise needs lots of water! And last but never least, any tropical oasis needs a fun drink and good book to complete the space!

Stop in this summer and let us help you create your own tropical outdoor oasis on your patio right here in Charleston!

Tropical Oasis: A bluestone patio with terracotta pots, ficus, ferns, and palm trees surrounding white patio furniture

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